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What Love is Lost What love is lost that’s found a home In two hearts that have loved with all What love is not that has lost its way Yet lives beyond sensibility’s call What love is waste though hearts be broken If true love is its path What love is gone that yet lives on In the hearts that it calls home Love is not gone if the doors are shut… Read More

Her Night Silently she shuddered, though a smile still lit her faceFear creeping over her behind her mask of grace A thin shroud of goose pimples covered her pale skinThe cold of night rose deeper, her terror rose within The witching hour approaching, time to face the nightBattle of the legions rose, thus began her daily plight She slipped away so gracefully bidding her good-byesA thousand demons starving for the terror in… Read More

numb numb, numb, i am numb, i cannot think, i’m numbfinally i fell enough to land here where i’ve come i cannot feel, i cannot hurt, i cannot cry todayi think i’m lost, lost in thoughts, thoughts that swim away foggy blankets shield the pain, shield the hurt, the tearssweet surrender close my mind from shadows and from fears i think i’ll sleep a little while, lie here in my grayi think… Read More

Feeding Frenzy This dry, arid place of desolation,Shattered, I lie broken on the groundThis ruinous place of no salvationDefeat, hatred and anguish all abound Like a statue, numb to my surroundingsI sit here void of any normal thoughtMy head quakes me, relentless in its poundingI wonder what it is for which I fought I see their jagged daggers mark their targetTheir aim straight and true towards my soulEach seeking the destruction of… Read More

Heinous Worm In the recesses of HeavenThere lived a rankled wormHe was useless, he was no oneAn infectious, puss-filled worm He slithered on his belly To plead and beg his plightHe wrought strife, wrath, fear and pain,Corruption his greatest delight His ominous laugh filled the mireHis mind plotting hatred for allHe gathered other tainted soulsFalse promises of glory, his call He tempted many with twisted lustViolence and power, his fameHe handed out… Read More

No One, Nothing, Nowhere, Never When emptiness stares you right in the face And bids you eternity to stand in its graceNo one, nothing, nowhere, neverCompletely alone, for more than forever When despair is calling, will you answer?Will sadness envelop you, this morbid cancer?Some one, somewhere, somehow, some dayIt is out to recruit you, You are the prey When the rainbow before you is painted in grayWill you yet thirst for colour,… Read More

Time in the Shadows The darker days are calling me backSeducing me to their grim placeThe place where void and emptinessSweep me in without a trace Temptation bids with a heavy rapMy thoughts and my words slow to comeWhispered promises of quiet peaceHypnotic, the beat of their drum Shivered voices on my neckTasting their breath on my fleshCalling for me to give them my soulFalse hope of a tomorrow yet fresh “Curl… Read More

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