Photo by Easter Ellen

Photo by Easter Ellen


They look at us with big eyes from a tiny little face

We fall in love the instant that they are given, by God’s grace

We watch them grow, their little feet pattering down the hall

We do our best to set their path that they will never fall

We pray, we love, we guide we teach, we listen and we hope

Putting all we are into knowing they will thrive in all and cope


Photo by Easter Ellen

Photo by Easter Ellen


Listen to the beauty that leads us on our way

Listen to the sunlight that guides us through our day

Listen to the trees as they direct us strong and true

Listen to the birds as their joy is shared for you

Listen to the flowers as they gaze with loving face

Listen… just listen and see God’s love in all His grace

Little Bumblebee

Photo by Easter Ellen

Photo by Easter Ellen

Little Bumblebee

Little bumblebee adorning the flower

So very tiny yet wielding such power

The taste of your work, so wonderfully sweet

The sting of your anger making armies retreat

Wandering Girl

Photo by Easter Ellen

Photo by Easter Ellen

Wandering Girl

Wandering girl with your arm outstretched

Know your future is not yet etched

The pen that lies within your hand

Is one far greater than you understand

Give it to God, let Him write your song

As you walk with laughter and sing along

Winter Sun

Photo by Easter Ellen

Photo by Easter Ellen

Winter Sun

Winter sun, dimming light

Beauty renewed then swallowed by night

 At dusk you kiss the earth goodbye

The Heavens glorified in a sunset sky

Evening Light

Photo by Easter Ellen

Photo by Easter Ellen

Evening Light

The evening light caresses goodnight

A soft touch on the window pane

With the longing of lovers 

Fading goodbye until afternoon dances again

Adored Butterfly

Photo by Easter Ellen

Photo by Easter Ellen

Adored Butterfly

Sweet summer sap from a willing flower

Bowing it’s head to your needed hour

Smiling in delight as you share of her love

Adored, you take flight to the Heavens above

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