A Little Bit About Me..


I have had a lot to overcome in my life. So many struggles. I’ve asked “why” so many times.

Because.. I am becoming. The struggles that I have had from the least to the most heart-breaking have all been lines written in the book of my life.

My life is an ever-continuing story of Overcoming to Becoming who God has always planned for me to be. I am still on this long journey and want to encourage you to stay on your journey by sharing my victories and challenges.

I share because my heart longs to give hope to others, to show that even in the hardest places, there is a door waiting to be opened and beauty waiting to be found.

I have a photoblog: God Through My Eyes

I also have a Christian Devotional Today I Can With God 

Easter Ellen



As I enjoy photography so much, I have  started a 2nd blog site to share where I see God’s beauty in God Through My Green Eyes  Please take a few moments to visit (there are only a few posts for now as it is a new blog, but it is growing :).

75 Comments on “A Little Bit About Me..

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and ‘liking’ my poem. I love your pix! Some of them would make amazing jigsaw puzzles. 🙂 It’s nice to see that God’s light still shines in this world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so very much 🙂 I have just discovered over the last year how much I like to take pictures and drive my family crazy by taking extra long on outings, often making my sweetheart stop the car so I can get that perfect shot!!!


    • Thanks so much – you too!
      I love photos, I should take some time to learn more about getting the best out of my camera, but most of the time, it is not on me and iPhone does the trick very well.
      Have a super-delicious day tomorrow.


    • Thank you so very much :).
      I really do think that those with the gift of photography have their own powerful form of poetry.



  2. Lovely pictures, so inspirational. Thank you for visiting my blog. Many blessings to you and yours.


  3. Hi, I thought I should drop by and read your blog as the comment feed on mine is getting rather long.
    There is so much here, pain, hope and inspiration, but I found nothing that should make you blush, so obviously I need to read more. Paul


    • Oh my gosh Paul! I am so very sorry that I just saw this now. I had been hospitalized in May.. then June, etc until Oct of last year. So sorry and thank you so much for your kind comments. I am no back to writing as often as possible (most week days and the occasional weekend). Hope that you still find it interesting.
      Bless you lots,


      • Honestly, there is no need to say sorry; it is such a little thing, but thank you for caring.
        I hope you have fully recovered from your ailments and that they have turned to strengths.
        Whatever day or time your words are worth the time spent reading them. Journey well.

        Paul 🙂


        • Thank you so very much Paul! I get a LOT of kidney stones, which really is not a big deal, but last year, for whatever reason, I repeatedly got septic infections which lead to a miserable year for the most part. I felt disheartened, but God has renewed my strength and my vigor and here I am again.
          Thank you so much for your kind words.



          • Easter
            I have never suffered with any prolonged physical illness, which is lucky, as I am a very impatient patient. One kidney stone, sounds one too many for me let alone having any serious complications. You can give credit to whoever you like but I think the strength and vigor you talk about are undoubtedly your own; have you not been reborn physically, psychologically and spiritually having lived through this difficult experience? Does life not burn at its brightest in the wake of adversity? I have yet to discover God in this life, though I have been reborn many times through experiencing a life’s difficulties. I am pleased people of faith have their Gods to help them on their journeys of life through both the good and not so good times.



            • Wow Paul. You have an awesome outlook. Yes, the whole process of in and out of the hospital (more than 4 months spent in less than two years, was defeating at the time, but the experiences that I had, the people that influenced me with love, kindness, saving me (literally) have enriched my life in a way that can never be taken from me.
              Although you may not have God in your life, your dept of spirit is beautiful.
              Thank you again, for sharing your views, your rich insights and your kindness.



    • Thank you so very much Jeanne. I look forward also to hearing more about your life in Utila.
      Blessings of love and joy,


  4. Such rich images, a wonderful story in writing, looking into the Cosmos at the all-Good.


    • Thanks so much Mike. I am so sorry about the terribly late reply, I have been off my feet most of June with kidney stones and 2 really bad infections. I am so looking forward to getting back into posting and writing again.


      • No sweat. Just glad you are healing, and of course, healing prayers enclosed here. All the Best!


  5. Dear friend Easter Ellen, you have an Fabulous ‘poetblog’ Amazing. I love poem, I love photography too. Both are my passion and imagination. With my another Poetblog Photo -Passiondew, I’ll follow your Poetblog too. Thank you very much for fantastic visiting, clicking, and comment. Really I appreciate it. Warm regards- @Della For your Poetblog I wish ‘Keep it up! ‘ 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. Writing, poetry and photography are loves so deep within me that I feel as if I am wronging myself when I do not express myself this way.. I see from your own blog that you must feel the same. Thank you again,


  6. This made me smile. What a great idea to put a collage right there. Very pretty. By the way, thanks for the follow and the comment on my blog. Appreciate it! 🙂


  7. I love Charcoal Coated and invite you to consider allowing it–and perhaps several other of your poems–to be included in a poetry anthology I’m creating titled Heart-Whispers. Please contact me at russtowne@yahoo.com. Thank you!
    Russ Towne


  8. Sorry for the random comment, I do apologize but I have been contacting my likers because I switched over to wordpress.com so that people can actually follow me in their feed and I am not sure who was on my original following list! If you were one you can now go to my page and click follow and if you were not please feel free to ignore me 🙂
    And on a side note, what you have overcome is truly inspirational!


  9. Thank you so much for noticing a post on my blog. I always find it interesting how quickly people respond to a post about pain and struggle.


    • .. So true. It is because so many of us struggle with articulating the difficult places in our own lives. Don’t you think?


      • I am so sorry to hear that! You can still participate of course. Just leave the link and you can join in whenever.

        I hope you feel better soon.


    • 🙂 Thank you so much – I have wanted to go to your blog since reading your note and absolutely love the name of it. I will come over for a visit.
      Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.


  10. As a frequent visitor to my site (very much appreciated) I need an opinion. In the past week I’ve developed another site with Blogger. I’ve gone to the “dark side” and made it more commercial (offering products I’ve used or read) through Amazon. At present it is an experiment. I’ve posted some older stories to start with. I’d like for you to visit and render a thought or two or word or two. Here’s the link: http://jitterygoat.blogspot.com/
    Thanks much.


  11. We’ve never met but I got to know you a bit on Instagram. You were my 100th follower and always left such thoughtful comments, and I enjoyed your pictures. I realized recently that I hadn’t seen any new posts for awhile and in checking your gallery, saw that the last one was 8 weeks ago. I just want to let you know I hope all is okay and you’re just taking a break from Instagram. Sending good thoughts your way. Renee @reneetakespics


  12. Glad I found you, great blogs xo Our intentions are similar – having gone thru a world of challenges & obstacles, & sadly trauma; & wanting to use our life & lessons to help others. Great to connect 🙂 I look forward to reading more.


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