Stoned Full force

5/3/2013 WRITING PROMPT (Edited.. a lot)

Kidney stones don't rock!

Kidney stones don’t rock!

In Full Force

In full force I lie here rocking with stones

Arrows shot from my kidney to shatter my bones

I cringe and I writhe from these bastardly things

Break my flesh and my spirit at their jagged-edged sting

Though hospitals, drugs and doctors galore

I just keep on getting them; more after more

This too shall pass, I say, knowing they will

But tomorrow another stone, pain driving me ill

The thorn in my side, this cutting-sharp rock

The curse of this torment, my life’s dreary walk

I’d go to work stoned, but never be high

I make the nurse laugh as she pokes my bruised thigh

The ultrasound looks like the polka-dot door

Connect all the dots, but soon there’ll be more

It is my burden to carry as I deal with this pain

But if I had my way, they’d not come again

Kidney stones really bite…


16 Comments on “Stoned Full force

  1. I’ve never heard of kidney stones being a chronic issue, sounds quite hideous, Easter! I s’pose you’ve tried all the “remedies”–cranberry juice by the gallon, etc? Love to you, and more prayers.


    • I thought so too as I keep reading your posts and commenting, but is would have been through daily prompt happy I realized that I hadn’t pushed the button yet


  2. cant imagine how painful it would be, just hang in there. Keep reading on remedies and asking doctors for more and more advice. Soon it will go away, just try and hold on to hope as much as you can..


    • This was a bad one.. I ended up going to the hospital on the 24th with hydronephrosis which was also badly infected. By the time I was at the hospital, the stone must have just passed because the pain changed drastically and I felt really ill… It was a very rough go

      But today I am home finally 🙂 (yippee)

      Thank you, I am trying to drink more lemon water and take flax seed oil more often.


      • Awesome easter. Drink more water, and try more natural. I recently read about citric juices and wines. They really seem to help. My research is still going on regarding this. But whenever possible try avoiding packaged juices. Drink fresh citric juices (Orange, lime, passion fruit) and fresh lemon water. The acid helps to dissolve these. A glass of red wine a day helps too. Either way consult your doctor, but these are the things I have come across so far… Sorry to hear about your pain, but I am glad it has subsided for now at least.


        • Thank you so very much for your time in looking into this for me and for sending it. I make a concerted effort to eat only fresh foods, but juices are difficult as they come packaged in cartons and to make juice is so expensive. I will have to find a way around this. I like the red wine, though 😀


          • Hi easter,

            No worries. I can understand what you mean, with expenses. Yeah you may have to find a way around this for sure. Ask your doctor or even a nutritionist about consuming red wine/beer or fresh things. You can try for a month and track your expenses. Also you will be able to see the results. You can also prepare a chart on your medical expenses and see if consuming fresh products can help in reducing the over all expenses (including fresh). Try for a month or two and you will know. Sometimes medical expenses put you under stress and you dont want to spend on anything. I guess a wise way can be figuring out the long term benefits/expenses. Sorry I could only help little bit. See what you can come up with.


            EAT ALL FRESH 🙂


            • You are so very thoughtful. Thank you so much and I will try charting it for a while, as you say.

              I very much appreciate your encouragement and advice.

              Have a wonderful evening (well here it is evening, it must be morning there),



I love and appreciate feedback. Feel free to let me know what you think. Bless you lots, Easter Ellen

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