April 19th, Happy New Years!!!

Prompted from Lorelle’s Blog Exercise:  New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Years!  April 19th, 2013

First of all, the obvious.  It is not New Year’s Day.  In fact I can’t even say that I am being fashionably late by writing this for April 19th.  That’s just party-pooper late you know, the person that shows up late out of sheer obligation and then, if the party is still going, finds a reason to slip away into the darkness after a few quick, shallow hellos.

Well You are right, but you are wrong.  It is not New Year’s Day, but it is a New Year Birthday for me, so I am going to take advantage of that and talk about what my resolutions are to myself in this coming year.  So, as our dear Lorelle says, it is time to flex my blogging muscles.  Bouya!!!!

I did an exercise the other day from another writing prompt of Lorelles that gave me a lot of clarity as to what is important to me in what I write about and how I write it.  Basically after the tedious (albeit enlightening) process of going through the many topics I have liked to write about over the years and what it direction that sits vs where I would like to streamline my writing into a more cohesive site that will offer clarity of who I am and what I may have to offer to those who may come along the way with me.  This is a great exercise, by the way, if you feel a little scattered.  For me, it was the gift of gaining focus.

This year, there are some things that I would like to do over this next year.  Most goal are in what I would like to learn in writing and blogging, hoping that I can share with more readers over time, as time goes on.

  • Discipline myself to write daily, at least on the weekdays, I have scheduled a specific time of day that is usually quiet.
  • Most of my writing has been emotionally-based and primarily I have written poetry (which is my first love), I want to diversify my writing, taking the courage to write more life stories (there are just so many to share), and be very brave and take the first steps in learning to compose some articles (coming along in later lessons).  (Yes, I have peeked ahead :).
  • Although I am not looking to gain a huge readership, it is important to reach the audience that I believe will benefit from how I can connect with them.  I would like to learn to best utilize the venues that are so readily available to reach this target readership that who, like me are working through life, overcoming obstacles and challenges to become who they are created to be.
  • On my site, I would like to add pages that I can cross-platform the pieces which fall into different categories helping the reader to find what they are looking for by referring to categories on separate pages.

On a more personal note.. I get  LOT of kidney stones.  I mean a LOT.. I am the walking, talking girlfriend/mom/friend/blogger/etc that REALLY ROCKS!!  After four septic infections in the last several months from stones, I can honestly say that I have had the rocks scared out of me.  I am making it a goal to be much stricter with my eating habits to avoid those things which actually make the stones more likely to come.  I have had the blessing of a lot of good nutritional advice from two friends who both believe in holistic nutritional healing.  Andrea and Theresa are both incredibly knowledgeable so I am finally going to take their caring advice and cut out the dairy, the glasses of wine afer dinner and cut back on meat significantly in hopes to change this.

I am turning 48 this year and last year was very rough on my health, but even the scare that my health has given me, has risen back my inspiration and desire to write again.  For my sanity, for my emotional outlet, for my love of God, my children, my sweetheart and I guess for myself as well.

Happy Very Belated Happy New Year and Blessing to you and yours,

Easter Ellen

PS – I appreciate feedback/ comments if you have any!  Feel free to let me know how you are doing following through with the resolutions that you have made are working out!

I love and appreciate feedback. Feel free to let me know what you think. Bless you lots, Easter Ellen

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