Remember When.. Take a Trip With Me :)

Remember When.. Take a Trip With Me 🙂

I have been off work today.. No – not because I am half American and celebrating Thanksgiving! Because I have another kidney issue! I was inspired to look back and remember with nostalgic fondness that almost led me to tears at times, some of the wonderful things that were simple, so uncomplicated and so awesome about being a kid in the 70’s and 80’s.
I Invite you join me here! I want to know your memories, the things that make you dreamy when you look back at them. Ladies will relate more to my girlie memories, but guys, let’s hear it from you too!
And as so many of my friends are of various ages.. let’s here about your later memories of your early life.. let’s smile together, laugh, share and dream in this!!!

– The smell of new Barbie toys! I loooooooooooooved that smell.. I particularly remember receiving the Barbie Airplane for Christmas when I was ten. I cannot get that “plastic toy” smell near me without that memory! Ooooh their long perfect legs, the life I created for them and their girlfriends and boyfriends.. the clothes they would change out of every hour of the day, the perfect little houses, endless shoes that quickly lost their mates.

– Driving. Do you remember driving as a kid? I mean… seat belts were not the law here in Ontario until I was twelve. The freedom of lying down unencumbered by that annoying strap.. not that I don’t advocate them now.. but man there was nothing like piling 10 kids in the car – ok – maybe 15 and going out with Daddy for a soda or ice cream!!

– Sunday afternoons. Always a nice family dinner. Always Tiny Talent Time (I loooooooved that show!!!!!!!!!!), then followed by Animal Kingdom, which was a very violent show for it’s day and time! And who remembers the Sonny and Cher Show? The Caorl Burnette Show? Donny and Marie (listen to me sing.. “I’m a little bit country.. & I’m a little bit Rock & Roll..”) (Dear Lord! I still remember the words to all of those show’s theme songs!!!!!)

– Bay City Rollers!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!! S-A-T-U-T-D-A-Y night!!!!!!!!!!!
– Leif Geret!!! (problem number one with him – no guy was or is allowed to have prettier hair than me!!)
– Strawberry Shortcake BEFORE she made a comeback!!
– Madeline the book.. Oh have I not read it at least 3000 times “In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines…..”
– Curious Geroge – lol – he always did the stuff that I dared not to!
– wearing earth shoes!!! I got my first pair for my eleventh birthday – I remember thinking how heavy they were and wondering why anyone liked them after all but I could not tell Mom that as I had just received them as a gift!
– Pocket Fisherman!!! Yahoo!!! I soooo loved mine!!!
– “coffee, tea, or a flick of my Bic?”
– “my husband. Some hotshot.. here’s his ancient Chinese secret.”
– Creamsicles on hot summer days that cost a nickel but bought more joy than almost anything else you could think of when ever you would have them.
– When keeping up with latest home entertainment meant one colour TV that had a Remote control as big as the family bible?
– When it was coold to hang out in the back yard with all of your friends untill eleven just so that you could play “Grease”.. (I still remember ALL of the words to ALL of the songs from that movie and can still “Hand Jive” with the best of them!)
– sleeping with a Raggedy Ann doll
– The next Christmas getting a Raggedy Andy doll and sleeping with him too! (if someone said that to us now. we would just think that is soooo wrong!!!)
– Going to the beach for the first time in the summer so that you could make sure to get a really good burn.. Of coursre that meant you were going to have a really great tan after!!! Oh and if you were me… lots of freckles too!
– bubble shaped, clear umbrellas!!!!!!
– Baby Aspirin – and it actually tasted good!
– Being given Cod Liver Oil when you were sick! *PUKE*
– flap-down pyjamas!
– singing “Jeremiah Was a Bullfriend” with your best friend knowing.. just knowing for sure that you were gonna grow up to be a REAL rock star!!!
– Tiger Beat!!!
– Pet Rocks (Oh God, why do I remember that???)
– getting your monthly comic book in the mail and pouring over the pages for days and days trying to make it last
– getting fast food – the twice a year you were allowed.. and that was a TREAT!!!
– Never being bored outside in the summer.. and if you were, you could always just sit under a tree and read!
– walking to school alone at the age of 5!
– knowing you had to go inside now ’cause the street lights just came on
– getting iodine poured over your scraped knees
– all the words to the “I am stuck on Band-Aids” commercial
– Bonne Belle’s roller tip lip gloss – the flavours were to die for!
– Playing Red Rover, Hide and Seek and tag as part of your every day summer life
– Never for a second considering staying inside for the day unless your mom figured out that you had a fever over 101 and even then you would try to negotiate your way outside.
– prank phone calls (ooooh noooo… I NEVER made them).. ahahahaha NO such thing as call display or *67 then!!!
– phone booths were the only way to call home away from home… EEEEEEWWWW at the thought of the germs on them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– The Brady Bunch before it was all reruns.. Partridge Family too!!!

The best thing of all to me was being able to be outside all day showing up just at meal times and then in by “streetlights”.. which of course meant that we all went in for 2 seconds, told our moms which veranda we would be hanging out on and staying up for 2 more hours singing, telling stories and just. being. kids.

What do you remember?? Share with me!

One Comment on “Remember When.. Take a Trip With Me :)

  1. The Trip


    What an excellent read…yes that was certainly a “trip” it really provokes thought THANKS

    It amazing that so much of our past is rooted in so much of what we are meant to be now…if you really think back…everything you dreamt about, back then, or the goals, or vision you had then, is exactly the epic you were supposed to live out today. We were all created for a great purpose

    Have we fallen short…???yep absolutely…is there hope to reclaim that heart…EVEN MORE absolutely.

    Without question I can certainly can relate to the pop-culture of growing up in suburbia in the 70’s and 80,s. Yep sounds like we all watched the same shows on Sunday afternoons and nights …generally because, in the pre-cable days, we could only view about 5 stations (channel 6, 9, 11 and occasionally 4 and 7 out of Buffalo).

    I can remember vividly Hockey Night in Canada and how each Saturday night I would get my mini-stick out, and play right along with the Habs and the Leafs…Ken Dryden was my favorite for the habs and then Keon for the Leafs…

    Summer could not be topped without having a bike and skateboard (late 70s)) on hand…to think of all the places we went on our bikes and even hanging by the taracks…if only our parents knew …??? everyday was adventure and yes we always made it home by diner and the streetlights…man did we ever have angels around us..

    However the best times were the times spent alone and dreaming…we had hopes and vision back-then and we had gaols..I wanted a custom Chevy Van and wanted to go to California, towing a boat, and of course with my electric guitar slung over my shoulder…in the meantime (since I was not old enough) I bought up all the Hot Rod Magazines and I would draw pictures of my dream machines (I still have those drawings) and just dream the day away…remember the Denim Machine (to bad it was a Ford 🙂 and all those Coke Contests

    Of course the summer also lent its behalf and dreams fulfilled at the cottage…wow…I had the permission to take the “Tin Boat” out and live the “Huck Finn” lifestyle… sometimes weeks at a time with just my grandfather…even though I was on the water…they called me the “Road Runner” on the lake…I would work at the local marina just to get my 5 gallon fill of gas to just burn-up again…so there was the adventure and then there was the beauty. Way to shy though and never kissed…but I had met and dreamt of her too (mostly dreamt) ….we were both bare footed and the lake was our garden….

    Nothing thrilled me more then the growl of the outboard engine and on occasion I would rescue a boat load of stranded “damsels”…tow them back to their cottage and be the “hero of the day” by their parents…that usually meant all the Coke I could drink and invited back for the BBQ dinner…what I life we lead …too heroic and epic proportions….

    Hi school in the “burb”s was also the best…we had it all…the music…the look… the sports and the opportunities…Man you put in and you really did get things –out of hi-School and we did we ever feel equipped …

    .but then our 20’s came along, we got our diploma’s got into the work forces and went for a long relational skid…we pursued the American Dream…but really had no clue…we were so young and unprepared…and we went into an tailspin…

    Then comes 40 and we have this longing and ache that will not go away…something is calling us and we want to be part of something big …like those dreams we had as kid…you keep having that dream, it just does not go away…what do you do?? Bury it?? Or pursue it and seek the answers to your deep longings and questions. YOU /WE NEED to pursue…and not in the form of a mid life crisis, or addictions or busyness…but to take a trip just like Easter has, and reclaim the heart of our past and apply it in the present…you can’t go back too mediocrity (it will kill you) and it is a time to surrender and risk all, at the risk of losing what you think is “your self” …but the risk will be great but the outcome will be finding your true self that was rooted so much in our past…I cannot go back (to mediocrity)….and it’s time to reclaim what we are really meant to be…do we have to wait till heaven…not at all cause there is so much to be lived here on Earth….

    THANKS God Bless, AnthonySS


I love and appreciate feedback. Feel free to let me know what you think. Bless you lots, Easter Ellen

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